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Buy/Sell/Trade / Selling al VW Bug Roof Rack
Selling a VW Bug Roof Rack  ($250) - contact Mike or Nancy - 503-949-2674 or email me at nancystarck@yahoo.com :)
General Chat / Re: stainless steel eyebrows
Hi again - we looked at the two different kinds and Mike went with stainless as it will not rust. Good choice we thought:) He did take the headlight ring off, but the eyebrows would not fit or slide into a notch. Any other suggestions? Thanks again for getting back to me. Nancy
General Chat / stainless steel eyebrows
Does anyone know if there is a trick on putting stainless steel eyebrows on a 1970 VW Bug? We bought a pair this week-end, but they just will not fit the existing head light rings? Thanks for getting back to us. Nancy
Good Morning - Hope we see you all at the show:) Should be an amazing time:) Best Regards - Mike and Nancy
Hi there - wish you were able to come to the Roadster Show. We will miss seeing you:) Happy Trails:)
Nancy & Blu Bug
High profile collection of northwest's finest hot rods, classics, muscle cars, motorcycles, customs and more. This is an invitational show ONLY and will be held indoors at the Jackman Long building at the Oregon State Fairgrounds. The cars selected for the show have been hand picked by the show directors from their travels from Canada to central California. There is over $15,000,000.00 worth of vehicles scheduled to attend. Last year after invitations were given, the show found itself booked by October 2010 and there was a substantial waiting list for others desiring to attend. This show separates itself from others in that there are no trophies, classes or judging. ALL POLITICS have been removed. All car owners receive an embroidered leather sleeved lettermen's jacket with a value in excess of $150.00. All Vendors and Sponsors are screened to coordinate with the show and it's expectations. Last year over 4000 attended the show. We highly encourage young people to attend the show and the cost is free up to age 18.

This years show date is February 12th & 13th 2011

Through age 17 - Free

Adults - $10.00

Sunday all Ladies - FREE

****Note*** We, (Mike and Nancy Starck) have a blue and white VW Bug (1970) and were asked to put her in the Roadster Show:) It was an honor for us and the Bug. Mike and I hope that you can attend the show and look forward to seeing you all there.  Nancy
Introductions / Re: Blue Bug and back to you
Hi there - yes, Blue Bug is so cute or beautiful. Found her in my sisters front yard, green with moss and a thousand spiders in her. Took a year, but we are getting there. My husband is putting in a digital dash and going through the motor now. Thank you so much for the compliment. You will get there, just takes time and of course
lots of $$$$.  Have fun with your project. Nancy
Introductions / Re: Blue Bug
Hi Lady Putt Putt :) We live in Salem, but may try to come up to the Donut cruise-in:) (weather permitting) Thanks for asking:) Look forward to meeting you and everyone. Mike & Nancy
Introductions / Re: Blue Bug
Hi there - thanks for the compliment and about the color choice??? Original color was Diamond Blue and then we decided to add the white.  Were not sure if that was a good choice or not, but we really like it now:) Your VW is very nice as well:) Look forward to meeting you down the road. Mike and Nancy
Introductions / Re: Blue Bug
Hi there - thank you sooo much. We really like the color combination too:) We named her "Blue Bug":)
Hi - Mike and I are unable to attend tonight, but really want a plaque. Can I mail a check to you? If that is okay, where do I mail it to and how much will you need (if you need to include shipping that is okay).  Hope you have a great meeting, sounds like lots of fun. See you soon. Mike and Nancy
Introductions / Re: Blue Bug
Hey there - thanks for the nice comment about our restoration. Look forward to meeting up with all of you at one of your meetings. Nancy
Introductions / Re: Blue Bug
Thank you soo much for the compliment:) We like her allot:) Nancy
Introductions / Blue Bug
Hi - our name is Mike and Nancy Starck and we are new members. We are doing a complete restoration on a 1970 Bug - Color is Diamond Blue and White with 1600 cc dual-port engine. Mike lowered her 2 1/2 inches (spindles) and added 4 wheel disc brakes. We did all new custom interior (white with blue inserts) and tinted all the windows, but the front (it has pop-out rear windows too).

This is a local VW that has been in Oregon its entire life. We found her in my sisters front yard:). She was very solid with minor rust on passanger side. The project took just under a year to complete.

Future plans are engine dress-up and Dakota Digital Gauges:)

We are both excited about joining your Club and look forward to meeting you all. 

Mike & Nancy