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Removing paint.
So, a non chemical way to remove paint.  what is everyone's favorites?  I am looking to strip my Rabbit truck for painting. So not just a small area but the whole truck.
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Re: Removing paint.
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Getting it blasted is quick but costly.  I had mine media blasted. It worked well for my situation.
Otherwise you can sand it off yourself. Just takes a lot of time.

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Re: Removing paint.
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Your MK1 has mostly flat(ish) surfaces so sanding wouldn't be too bad.

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Re: Removing paint.
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Those strip disks that fit onto a grinder work well.
I would be concerned with heat build up and warping over a large area....
Use at your own risk.
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Re: Removing paint.
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Sanding is the best way to strip a vehicle ..youll get up close and personal with it and find all the imperfections .(dents) yes it's hard and yes it takes awhile to do it . if it was easy everyone would do it.

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Re: Removing paint.
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This auto paint forum that I go to from time to time suggests using a variable speed sander/polisher with hook and loop sand paper.  Using a variable one lets you go slow <1000rpm to minimize heat.

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