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Finish my art project
H E L P  M E  F I N I S H! (not yelling at you) I want to add more names to the bus as of last count there are approx. 300 names,still a lot of room to add more. I get more names to add here and there from my sister or people taking a look at the bus.
I would like to seal the bus this summer, I all ready had a dope spill gas on a name then try and wipe the gas off in doing so
he smeared the name, I did not know he did that until a few days later, if I had seen what happened I would have gone through the roof. I stand by to watch to make sure gas is not spilled on to the names, that day I was talking with Leonard and did not go and do my duty.

If anyone would like to add names to the bus please let me know.


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Re: Finish my art project
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Read was feeling good. Share it would be against it.