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Portland Polar Plunge on Feb. 12th
Anyone thinking of doing this? I have never done it before. I'm thinking about talking to my boss next week to sponsor me. If all else fails... I'll pay the $50 and do it myself. But the more the merrier if anyone wants to join me. I dunno if we want to try and make this a club thing? Kind of short notice though. But worth a shot. I have volunteer for the Special Olympics in the past and my close friend was in it for a couple of years. I'm a polar bear in general and love the cold water so this is my kind of thing!

Even if you don't want to jump in... You could come give me support or donate to the cause so I can give them more then $50.

Proceeds go to the Oregon Special Olympics.

Website: http://www.soor.org/plunge/portland.html
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