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Projects - VWs only / Re: The Squareback Zone!
I can't wait to see it all done!
that is rad!
hope you got a picture :)
that is too bad!
goat?  now I am curious!
I am not sure my donor came with the door panels or a headliner. The guy stripped a lot out of it before I got it. I will check the stuff I got with it and find out.

If not I have the ones in the originally but I haven't taken them out yet.
General Chat / Re: Donor car ideas?
same 1971
General Chat / Re: Donor car ideas?
Sweet!!!  I may commission you for that project when I get done with the first one lol
General Chat / Donor car ideas?
What should I do with my donor car when I am done with it?
I like this idea...but might be too much work. 

General Chat / Re: So I found this...
I didn't fill mine and I wasn't drinking that night (was driving back to Nahalem that night) so I have no idea, but I plan on trying it next time I am down there. I had been looking for a growler and this one was cheap and had a VW on it so it won :)
I am not sure mine are the same size.
General Chat / So I found this...
When I was in Astoria this weekend with Rachel (ruby67) we found growlers with a bug on them. Astoria brewing makes a Volksweissen Ale...  Thought I would share :))

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Articles / Re: Fall Events

Yeah, yeah, I know....but I cant type "look for VW's" into my GPS.  I hardly notice NP when I drive by....

General Chat / Re: Beach Cruise Fun!
Articles / Re: Fall Events
I am actually surprised there is 1 chevron in North Plains :P