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General Chat / Hello 2017!
Happy New Year! The Ice is flying everywhere?  Anyone doing any projects this winter?  I got my '79 convertible running on the last day of sun in 2016 after a couple of years, so I am hoping to be running around in the spring.  I do need to fix the horn though...  I added a "67 steering wheel that required me to weld in the '67 splines on the '79 shaft.  I will dig up a picture or two if I can.  As soon as that was done, the '67 steering wheel hit the wiper switch..... so there was some switch handle cutting and jb weld.  All works nice now, but the horn and signal switch kickoff lug needs to be worked on.  Not rocket science, but it is slow.
Introductions / Re: New member -Hi All!
Just in time for the summer!  Very nice car!  Welcome to the site.   :crig4:
Introductions / Re: Just bought this 57 panel
Very cool!   :crig4:
Thanks Mark
I have a late Super Beetle ('79) and I want to change to a 60's steering wheel I have.  There was a change made to the shaft and spline sizes for the last few years of the super beetle (if what I read was true).  So, I can change the column or fab the old end of the old 60's shaft onto the shaft I have in the car.  Or - best case - I may be able to swap out the early Super assembly with no(?) fab required.  Anyone have an older super column - or does anyone know if I am not going to be able to get the older super column in the newer car because of the linkage to the rack vs. the steering box on the older cars?
Hey HB, Welcome!  Glad to see you here!  Nice cars! :crig4:
Projects - VWs only / Re: Revs 71
Are you driving it yet??? :driving:
Projects - VWs only / Re: Revs 71
General Chat / Bug goose-neck trailer camper
Hi All,  Here is a cool video - old one so it may have been around for a while.  See if this works: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1298245869052
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Lowering a 72-74 Super?
Sold - Thanks!
Projects - VWs only / Re: Revs 71
Can you heat the bearing up?  Maybe cool the entire assy and then use a propane torch on just the bearing...
Projects - VWs only / Re: Revs 71
bummer.... :sad:
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Lowering a 72-74 Super?
Yes,  I bought them from Steve at S&D in Newberg.  The ones that I was going to replace (sold the car) were torch cut...
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Lowering a 72-74 Super?
Still on the shelf.....
Tech Help Cars / Re: Can this be fixed?
That is a drag. :lame: