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General Chat / Donor car ideas?
What should I do with my donor car when I am done with it?
I like this idea...but might be too much work. 

General Chat / So I found this...
When I was in Astoria this weekend with Rachel (ruby67) we found growlers with a bug on them. Astoria brewing makes a Volksweissen Ale...  Thought I would share :))

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General Chat / Membership/Gerty's Intro
Hey guys, I will be going to the cruise on the 22nd, who can I give my money to so that I can join the club officially? Oh and how much is it? :):)

I will be driving Helga's replacement, this one has been named Gerty. Please don't judge her on the wheels she hates them too.


Since it sort of looks like Helga and Sharks are rad I thought I would share. :D:D:D
Introductions / Tiphanie
Hi, So I am Tiphanie.
I have been a VW enthusiast for most of my life. Started with my uncle that lived next door and always had 2 Beetles in progress at any given time. My folks also had a Beetle and a Bus so I guess really it is just in the blood.

My first VW was a 1974 VW Bus when I was 18. I loved that thing but it unfortunately it didn't love me the same way and I didn't (don't) know much about fixing them so eventually my dad donated it to charity.

I work for VW now so I am currently driving a 2011 Golf and I absolutely love it and decided it was time to get my first real project car, so I bought a 1971 Squareback project. I am hoping that I will be able to learn a lot about fixing them from it.

I will post pictures of it at a later time. :D