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Topics - RyanB

Buy/Sell/Trade / WTB used Motor
Step son needs a good used motor. 1600cc is fine as long as it's complete. Like most kids, he doesn't have a ton of money, if you got something let me know.  Even a 1500SP would be fine.  Not looking for power, just something that runs...
Let me know if anyone has any.

thanks !
Well...  I think I officially lost my marbles.  This past weekend I traded my 1980 Rabbit pickup for a hot mess.  A 1960 Single Cab.  If you can still call it that.  According to the guy I got it from, the PO built it for running on the sand. Did so and beat the ever living hell out of it.  Some of the oddball stuff, they lifted the Cab like 6".  This required a really Effed up reconfiguration of all the pedals, the Steering wheel doesnt feel right and I am not even 100% sure this is the real subframe. I've never owned a 'bus' before so I know next to ntohign about the bodies on these things.  Oh, did I mention it's a flatbed, as in total ripped off rear end and replaced with a fabricated flatbed?  Uhg.  I really did myself in this time I think.  First up is to also get the 'real' title for it.  They guy actually gave me the wrong damn title. I didnt know where the VIN was initially (Remember I'm clueless about the Bus chassis) and finally found it and had to contact the guy back so have to go exchange the titles.

I am literally going to rip everything off this thing. It's too far gone to go back to "Stock" so I'll go flatbed again.  Gonna take the Cab off, repair it (OMG!) and re-engineer the pedals so they work correctly and are in the right place...

I am probably going to keep the lifted cab, just re-do it so I am satisfied with it. I've seen the cable shift systems for VW's before. Anyone have a link to those? I want to re-do everything so nothing goes down the middle (Cables/Shiftrods). I want it all going down the frame rails. So that means a Hydralic Clutch as well.

Would love any input anyone wants to give on Idea's and how to approach things.  This is going to take me a while ...

Buy/Sell/Trade / Looking for used Pertronix
Anyone have a used Pertronix?
Tech Help Cars / New Engine, tuning help?
So, I picked a rebuilt motor up from this guy out in Estacada... I wasn't paying a lot of attention to the parts beyond I saw it was a 1641.  So basically stock motor.  It's for a 74 super beetle that is my Son's fiancĂ©e. One of the thing I wasn't thinking about until I got there and he mentioned it again was he put an Engle 110 cam in it. It showed some lope in the motor as he bench ran it. But it seems to be running ok...

Well, here I am, with a 009 dizzy on a 34 Pict3 carb and an Engle 110 cam.  Pulling my hair out trying to get this thing to run right. I don't expect it to not have a lope to it, but I don't want it dying at idle (if you can call it an idle). It also will barely start when hot, you have to slightly keep the chock on and runs in spurts (power spurts?) when going down the road.

Idea's / Suggestions?  I think I have a paid of Kadrons I can toss on it I suppose.  Or, can I get it running right with a Pict3?
General Chat / Looking for PinStriping
Hello all,

Looking for a professional pin striper or something.  I'd like to get some done on my wifes car for Xmas gift.

If you know of one or have suggestions please let me know. 

Thanks !

General Chat / David Harburg
Well, I don't know if this is against forum rules or whatnot. I couldn't make the meeting last night as I was sick.  But David passed away last month.  The link below is an article that JbJetta sent me.  Very sad. Says that Mark was interviewed so I came here to look to see if there was a post and there was not. I know not everyone can make the meetings so I'll create this post and if it's a problem please remove it.

I didn't know David well, but talked to him often at every meeting and event we were at together. Very nice guy, and as the article say he was quite shy. He certainly had a passion for his VW's and will be a missed member of the club I am sure.

R.I.P. David.

Buy/Sell/Trade / 20+ years of Parts and V-rod project.
As the title mentions, I have 20+ years of parts and a Volksrod project.   Everything for $1000.

I'll list a few things here, but there is simply a TON of cra... err stuff.  :D
If nobody here wants it I'll start the process of selling everything individually I suppose.

V-rod project:
66 VW Pan, Shortened 11inches & IRS pivots welded in. (Was making it a two seater)
VW body, currently in two pieces. Also shortened 11 inches.
1.8L Subaru motor
Adapter plate - Custom made by Dan Hecker to mate to Type 3 Trans.
Type 3 Automatic Transmission
V-rod lowered beam Extension
Narrowed & Lowered front beam (bought new)
two sets of doors.
Two bug roofs
Couple sets of fenders

Misc Parts - This is just a few things. I've got a TON of stuff. Remember 20+ years...
2x Front beams - Both Balljoint I think.
3 Rib Bus Transmission (Got this from Blind Chicken Racing)
IRS Bug Trans in good condition
IRS Bug Trans with blown reverse
VW Shortblock, I think it was an 1835. Needs main seal.
Couple sets of old school carbs
Bunch of old school dizzy's.
Couple sets of different exhaust systems.

Basically, I've not touched my V-rod project in like 8+ years I think. I've lost interest in it and now that my Mom has my buggy I just don't think I am going to be doing much Aircooled moving forward. I'd like to completely re-arrange my garage this winter and would like the space back.

Only serious inquiries please. If you want to come out and look, let me know and we can setup a time. No, I am not getting out of VW stuff. But as mentioned I don't think I'll be doing any more Aircooled stuff so I'd like to see all this stuff go to some use. Just the V-rod project stuff alone is a good price for what I'm asking for. Toss in the rest of everything and I think it's a steal.
General Chat / Removing paint.
So, a non chemical way to remove paint.  what is everyone's favorites?  I am looking to strip my Rabbit truck for painting. So not just a small area but the whole truck.
Projects - VWs only / RyanB's other caddy
Yep, as the topic describes. I have a second Caddy.

Originally, I traded for it. Had an extra quad and traded for this Caddy. Well, a super deal came along and I picked up Jbjetta's red diesel Jetta. This Caddy got shoved into the back forty and sat for a bit.  Well, sadly after only having the Jetta for a few months my wife was rear ended, badly.  Thankfully, there was a ton I could salvage from the Jetta and now this truck is getting a new life.  Once this is done it will be my new daily driver and the current Caddy will go up for sale.

So, what to do? well. I have a very nice running Jetta with serious rear end damage.  You pull the motor, the dash and the wiring harness!  See, when I received the Truck it had a badly hacked together harness. It really was in bad shape. Relays were haning all over and odd crap the previous owner had done was just wired haphazardly. So, I very carefully labeled everything on the MK2 harness with the exception of the rear (rear lights) and then removed it from the car along with the motor.

Once I had that removed I also had to pull the motor from the Truck and start cleaning it up.  Now, the motor from the Jetta has a power steering pump. So I decided to go find a power steering rack and install that. Let me tell you, that is QUITE the job!

I have also installed new shocks in the struts. I thought I read somewhere that you did not need to compress the springs for this job. Boy was that incorrect!

I have purchased a molded black carpet, from JC Whitney on the suggestion from Gerald at DIP. I was hoping the TMI kits were molded but sadly not the case.

Here she sits, before I got to work on her.

Here is the donor...

Here you can see part of the wiring mess when I got the truck.

Old Motor and wiring mess.

Most of the old wiring removed, notice that previous owner did a decent install of a MK2 dash.

Motor out of the truck. Notice gaping hole above the master cyl? Yea, got to fix that...

Working on the shocks/struts

Had to weld in a motor mount. This engine came out of a MK2... Cleaning up area and makign indent in the bracket. I didnt want to mess with the engine belt/timing to remove this braket as it is part that holds the injection pump.

Mount is welded in! tight space to weld!

OK. Making progress!  The Mk2 Axles are in. Took a TON of grinding to get them to fit. The hold in the area above the master cyl is fixed and the power steering is installed.

Old Carpet removed. More wiring cleanup and you cant see it but I have connected the power steering rack to the steering wheel.

The Mk2 wiring harness.. Oh joy.

General Chat / Red Jetta has seen it's last ride.
Well, I am sad to say that the red Jetta my wife and I were so fond of, has seen it's last ride. A week ago, she was in an accident where she was hit from behind. There was enough damage that the insurance company has declared the car a total loss.

The more bad news is, my insurance company is REALLY jerkin me around. Trying to give me only half of what they originally valued the car at when they loaned on it.  As a customer of USAA for almost 20 years, I cant believe what they are putting me through on this. I've sung praises of this company for years, but you can bet that wont be the case any longer.

On better news, my wife now has a newer 2006 Jetta TDI.
Buy/Sell/Trade / 80 & 81 Rabbit truck
NO, I am not selling them both... i'll sell one or the other.

I have a 80 and an 81 VW Rabbit truck.

The 81 is my daily driver, you can see everything I've done on it since I picked it up on my thread here.  Very reliable. Does need CV's and some tires right now though. Dash conversion isn't finished yet.  $2000

The 80 is running, needs a lot of work. Mainly wiring. $1800

Putting this up here because I REALLY need to drop some projects that I cant get to. There is a lot of other things I need to work on.  I picked up two trucks as I expected my wife to drive one. Then I bought the red Jetta from Josh and well I don't need two trucks anymore. So, gauging interest. If your looking for a diesel rabbit truck, let me know and we can discuss. Putting this here before Craiglist.
Buy/Sell/Trade / FREE : Mk1 Cabriolet body
Parts car I got from Mark.  No front suspension, no interior, no motor/trans.  Basically just the shell.  Was thinking of making a trailer/BBQ out of the rear half of the car which is in great condition.  However I've run into a problem with space at my place and I need this thing gone.  Free to anyone that wants to come get it. Gonna need a trailer and friends to help...  Oh, no title for it AFAIK.  If nobody claims it soon will go on CL and then call an auto wrecker.
Buy/Sell/Trade / looking for old rabbit transmission
Anyone have a non working old rabbit transmission they are tired of kicking around?  I've love to get one so I can mount a motor to try to test fire it before I put it in a truck.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Front Window glass for Mk1
Need front windshield for a Mk1.  LMK if you have one!